5 Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Business

Choosing the right contractor for your business can seem like a daunting task. You are trusting a company with the home of your business. If you don’t choose wisely, the consequences can be costly. Anything can go wrong, from plain old sloppy work to unsafe or even unfinished jobs, leaving you hanging and on the lookout for someone to come clean up the mess.

Choosing the right contractor means you’ll have a finished product that you are happy with and no hassles and runarounds, done on time and within your budget.

Consider these five points for the smoothest possible project, when choosing a contractor for your business:

1. Choose a Contractor with a Strong Local Portfolio

A great local contractor will have a solid portfolio of work they’ve done in your community. Ideally, there should be a wide range of projects, so make sure you see one that’s similar to the project you want done.

There are plenty of contractors in Central Florida, both big and small, but if they’re unable to produce a portfolio of recent, well-performed building projects, it doesn’t matter how “big” they are, keep looking.

2. Reviews from Previous Clients can Speak Volumes

While a great looking portfolio can show you what the work looks like in the end, it tells you nothing about the process. What was client’s experience? Were the project deadlines met in a timely fashion? Was the client truly happy with the result?

A review can offer all this information and more. You’ll want to seek out reviews from clients that have worked with the contractor in the recent past. If you can’t find any publicly posted, ask the contractor for some references. If they aren’t willing to share, their clients probably don’t have good things to say about their experience, keep looking.

3. Find a Contractor that Stands by Their Estimate

There are lots of details involved in commercial building projects. A good general contractor should make a solid assessment of all the moving parts involved and deliver an accurate estimate they’re willing to commit to.
This budget should also include a contingency fund because after all, the one thing you can expect from a construction project is the unexpected. An experienced contractor will know that it’s important to put aside a percentage of the budget to handle surprises that arise over the course of the project. But that’s not the same as changing the estimate.

If they can’t provide a solid estimate, they are potentially inexperienced or might not have a reliable process. Keep looking.

4. Be Sure the Contractor is Licensed and Insured

Commercial construction projects require that specific building codes and standards are met by contractors that are properly licensed. Check to be sure your potential contractor has all the licensing and insurance required by Florida law.

If an accident should occur without a properly licensed and insured contractor, the cost could be catastrophic. So if the contractor is not licensed, keep looking.

5. Make Sure the Contractor is Easy to Communicate With

A good contractor should be easy to reach, with multiple methods available to contact them. Questions sent via phone call, email, or text should be answered quickly and thoroughly.

If a contractor isn’t responsive before they are hired, when they’re actively trying to win your business, what will they be like once they’ve started the work? If they seem tough to reach, trust your gut and keep looking.

Ready to start your next commercial construction project in Central Florida? Use these points to review your options for local contractors, including BG Southern. We look forward to earning your business.