How to Build a Safe Office

Sexual harassment and bullying claims from the workplace are prominent topics in today’s news. What can you do to create a safe office space when planning your building renovation? Here are a few ideas that BG Southern can incorporate into your newly designed Orlando area office space – that are both visually appealing and create a safe workplace:

Smart Office Floor Plans for Open Communication

It seems the days of the “cube farm” office design are numbered. Open plan office spaces, with multiple “pods” of desks or even large, community tables for workspace are becoming more popular for many reasons. They allow a team of employees to collaborate and communicate effortlessly, which can increase productivity. The lack of visual and audio barriers between workers lends itself to a community environment, creating a safe, productive space for all.

Consider a community tablespace with enough powered work spots for each person to sit work comfortably or, smaller individual tables scattered against the walls. This gives options for folks to sit with their work team, or take a step back and work solo at an individual spot, all while remaining in an open environment.

Another option is to create pods of desks with short separator partitions between desks, which are not visually disruptive – but do keep piles of papers from straying. These smaller work groups offer the same collaborative, safe, open environment as the community table concept with a sense of personal space.

Glass Walls and Doors for Transparency

If an open office plan where everyone is in one big space isn’t the right direction for your business when making an office renovation plan, consider glass walls to separate your space into more traditional office blocks. Glass walls offer a unique blend of separation and transparency – allowing employees to have the sense of their own individual space while offering safety and openness with no visual barriers.

The two concepts can, of course, be merged, with glass walls separating between team spaces, or even creating a central workspace with glass-walled offices lining the perimeter. Another option would be to use traditional walls for offices but use full-pane glass doors.

Effective Lighting

Well-lit spaces are safer spaces, in every regard. Whether implementing a new, smart office plan as a part of your existing building renovation or planning for a glass-walled build-out of a new space, lighting is paramount.

While the Sunshine State does mostly live up to its name and glass walls lend themselves to utilizing that natural Florida light, it’s important to create a bright, evenly-lit space – inside and out. When planning your renovation, be sure to include effective task lighting in the main office space, as well as lighting in entryways, hallways, and outdoor areas.

All of these options contribute to a safe office all while offering visual appeal and even potential energy savings. Ready to take the step forward and create a fresh, safe work environment for your employees? BG Southern is your Orlando contractor for all of your renovation or build out needs! Contact us today to get started!