Why You Should Choose a Local Contractor for Your Next Commercial Construction Project

Choosing a contractor for any project can feel like a daunting task, especially for a commercial project. Do you want to investigate a local contracting company, or go with a large, national firm? What will provide the best outcome for your specific project? Making these decisions cause stress and anxiety: after all, it’s your business on the line. At BG Southern Division,a local central Florida contracting firm, we believe that choosing a local contracting company is the way to go. Here are a few reasons to keep in mind as you consider your options.

Reason #1: They’ll Know the Locale

While it can certainly seem appealing to go with a nationally known contractor, one of the main benefits for choosing a local contractor is, they know this area better than anyone. The staff is familiar with trends in the region, and you can look at their most recent projects on their website or around town.

For central Florida, they’ll know exactly what’s going on with the Orlando area’s construction. The local company can help develop a construction plan that not only matches your company’s needs, but also fits with the major trends that are currently happening in your area. This kind of attention to detail is indispensable, and something you can truly only find with a local contractor who knows the needs, and the layout of the area better than any national company.

Reason #2: You Can Scope their Reputation

You can ask around town and get a good feel for the company’s reputation. Are they known for exceeding client expectations? Choosing a local contractor over a national chain means that when you hear a review about them, you’ll know exactly who will be working for you and what you should expect from them. It can be hard to tell from a review of a nationwide contractor what to expect on the local level, but when you read a testimonial from their clients, you’ll know that you’ll be working with the same crew.

Working with a local contractor, you could potentially seek out one of their clients and gauge what their experience was like working with the local contractor. You can trust them. Were they on time? Were they within the budget? You can ask these questions and know you are getting an honest answer. And it’s close enough that you could even drive past and check out some of their past work if you want!

Ask around, check with a few different commercial companies who have worked with them. Using a local contracting company allows you to fully investigate what you are signing up for; you can alleviate stress by having as much information as possible.

Reason #3: It’s Good to Shop Local

Just like buying from a small local coffee shop over a huge national chain, choosing a local contracting company like BG Southern, directly supports local contractors and the central Florida, greater Orlando area. According to the American Independent Business Alliance, every dollar spent with local independent businesses generates over 3 times the local impact compared to spending with national chains.

By using local contractors, like those with BG Southern, your money stays local instead of going out of state. You’re not padding the wallets of a big corporation, you’re paying for local kids to go to summer camp, mortgages on homes in your neighborhood and fresh produce bought from nearby farms.

If you like the idea of supporting businesses in your neighborhood, a great way to continue that idea is to hire a local contractor.

At BG Southern Division, our mission is to build relationships with our clients based on beautiful results. We are proud not only of our results, but also of the long-lasting relationships that we create with our clients. We respect our employees, customers, vendors, and our community, and strive to be socially responsible and on-budget with every turn.

Looking for a local contractor? Ready to take the next step? We want to meet with you to show all that we can do to provide you with the best possible result. Contact us today and set up a meeting. We can’t wait to show you all that our local company can do for you.