The Design and Build Process for Commercial Buildings (Start to Finish)

If you’re ready to get started on building your new commercial space for your business in Central Florida but not really sure what the whole process entails, BG Southern can guide you through. We have  broken the process down into five steps.

The five steps to a successful Design and Build Commercial Project are below. Our goal is to coach you through the process removing the anxiety and stress that can be created during the process  Let us do what we do while you do what you do. BG Southern is known for it’s single source, turn-key services so we’ll take it over from here, start to finish.


Let’s say you’re ready to get started on your new business building or wanting to renovate your office. Great! So are we. BG Southern has completed projects in the medical, dental, restaurant and commercial industries. We pride ourselves in our complete custom process and hands-on approach.

Construction Consultation Meeting

Once you’ve made the decision to build, we  will meet with our design team to listen to your ideas, share ours, and talk budget. We will discuss costs, what sort of time-frame we are working with, as well as contract and payment procedures.

After this meeting, we will get started preparing design plans and creating itemized pricing for the elements you’ve chosen for your new building (or renovation).

Design Prep, Budgeting, and Approval

Back in our offices, we will take your ideas and preferences and make them a reality. Our design team will create architectural plans, elevations, and gather examples of materials you’ve chosen for flooring, counter-tops, cabinets and woodwork, exterior hardscaping, and any other custom touches.

We will meet and finalize any details, look at itemized costs, including subcontractor costs and materials, and make any changes to meet your wishes – and of course your budget. Once you are happy with all the details, we get contracts signed, financial evaluations through the BG Southern financial team completed, and get to work!

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Planning, Permits, and Approvals

If this sounds like a lot of paperwork, legalese, and hassle – well, yes, it can be! Here’s the good news; we take care of all of this for you. We  apply for any permits and approvals needed through the local and state authorities, and will keep you informed if any issues arise.

While in for permits we are working with subcontractors coordinating schedules and pricing so when permits are approved we are ready to start.


This is where we turn that grass field or that old space into just the right building for your needs. Since we’ve thoroughly covered all the details already, there are no surprises, no hidden costs or  extended timelines.You can view some of our recent projects here: Recent Projects by BG Southern



This is it! Your space is almost ready. We will secure any final government permits and approvals, and review all the phases of construction, confirming your space is ready for occupancy. We will do a walk through with you, creating a punch list of any final touches that are needed. Our 1-year warranty will give you peace of mind as you settle into your new space.

Ready to take the first step?

Contact us today, we are ready to turn your dream project into a reality! Not ready to take that step? Check out some of our recent projects here. 

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