7 Ways to Update your Clubhouse for Maximum Impact

Is your clubhouse feeling a little more like a time capsule than a modern, welcoming space for your tenants? What impression are you making when someone is coming in to lease? Clean, comfortable, and bright? Or dated, drab, and faded?

If you are thinking about updating your clubhouse from drab to fab, here are some innovative ways to make the most out of your clubhouse renovation.

1. Let the Outdoors In

Make use of any opportunity to let natural light flow through the space. Choose doors with window panes instead of solid wood and consider expanding on existing windows to maximize a pool or courtyard view. Bring in some green by planting low-maintenance succulents in seating areas, and trees that fit the scale of your space.

2. Make a Big Impact with a Statement Piece

Adding a large art piece is a great way to add visual interest to your space. Large-scale wall art will add color and interest, but also keep in mind the center of your space. Large, multi-piece hanging light fixtures and mobile type art pieces add visual interest form every angle.

3. Repurpose Where You Can

Keep your costs down by reusing, repainting, and salvaging what you can from your current space. Painting existing trim and doors, refinishing floors, and revamping tired but workable light fixtures can go a long way for a little money.

4. Choose Large, Inviting Furniture

Go with slightly oversized, comfortable pieces. You want them to be welcoming and cozy, so people will spend time enjoying the space. Large sectionals, comfy overstuffed chairs, and spacious tables with upholstered chairs will encourage visitors to settle in and stay awhile.

5. Select Classic But Updated Elements That Stand Up to Wear

When you’re looking for a wear-and-tear proof element, tile fits the bill. While tile has always been a popular choice for it’s low maintenance and high durability, recent years have brought some great new designs to the product. Look for new designs like herringbone, wood, and brick looks, even oversized cement tiles.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up

Update the look of your space by mixing wood finishes. The old school of thought was pick one finish and use it throughout your space; now, mixed finishes equal a high-end look. This trend isn’t going anywhere soon, so don’t be afraid to jump on board.

7. Know Where the Small Cost Mean Big Impact

When you are on a tight budget, knowing where the smaller costs can make a big splash is huge. Rip out elements that show the most wear and age, like carpet and window treatments. Paint walls and trim, keep it light, bright, and airy. Vary your finishes with flat and semi-gloss on walls and trim for a bigger visual punch.

Are you ready to take your clubhouse to the next level, but you’re not sure how to begin? Contact us! Together we can determine the first step you need to take to make the upgrade that will improve the look of your clubhouse without breaking your budget.

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